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Read Nirvanala Song Lyrics By Rod Wave also searches as rod wave nirvana lyrics, nirvana rod wave lyrics, nirvana english lyrics rod wave. This song is sung By Rod Wave and Lyrics is written by Rod Wave also. Produced by TnTXD on December 11, 2021.

Rod Wave Nirvana Song Lyrics Information

Song NameNirvana
ArtistRod Wave
Released OnDecember 11, 2021

Rod Wave Nirvana Lyrics in English

Mm-mm, mm, uh

If you’re hearin’ this, it’s too late (Late)
I’ve been writin’ this since Tuesday, today Friday
That mean tomorrow’s doomsday (Yeah, yeah)
Tried to fight the pain, but it ate me alive

Sad to say I lost the battle against my mind (Mm-mm)
You should be happy for me, homie, no more sufferin’ (Sufferin’)
We all got a day, I guess we’ll see each other then (See each other)
I hope that Heaven’s real and one day we can reunite (Yeah, yeah)
And don’t bе cryin’ for me, I lived a wonderful lifе

I went on tour and seen the world and met all of my fans (My fans)
I can’t lie, I wish I could do that shit again (Shit again)
Made plenty money, wrote my will, my kids is good
Hopefully they don’t grow up so misunderstood (Misunderstood)

I moved my momma out the hood and bought her a home
Even though me and her husband never got along (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Bought all my niggas brand new cars and watched them flex
Wanted niggas to know I loved them before I left (Yeah)

I bought a brand new house in Houston, left it to my pops (Yeah)
Take the fam with ya nigga, we all we got (All we got)
In they face the whole time, beggin’ for help
For years, ready to die but scared of death (Yeah, oh)

I tried to pop a couple pills, they just made me sleep (Yeah, yeah)
I left the house without my gun, niggas fakin’ they beef
I poured a half a pint of wock in a two liter soda
Stuck as fuck, couldn’t move, I thought it was over (Over)
False alarm, nigga

I told the world how I was feelin’, my worst decision (My worst)
Since this fame and all these millions, they treat me different (Different)
Tired of fake smiles and broken hearts, it’s fuck the world
Fuck the money and the cars, the jewelry and the girls (Yeah, yeah)

They all treat me like I’m him, I feel so alone (Yeah, yeah)
Like I’m just a walkin’ come up without a soul (Yeah, yeah)
I hope, this ain’t how they remember me
Thought accomplishin’ my dreams would end my misery (Misery)

I’ve been this way for awhile, lost as a child (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Momma always tellin’ me smile, she’s so in denial
Still wishin’ I had some help (Help)
What the fuck? Make a nigga run off and blast himself


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