Hindi Numbers Counting, Numbers in Hindi With Facts– हिंदी गिनती सींखें

In this post, we have covered Hindi Number Counting From 1 to 100 With Their Pronunciation. In Hindi Its Called हिंदी के गिनती (Hindi ginti) Which covers basic Hindi counting i.e. Hindi numbers 1 to 100 also Hindi numbers in words. Initially, The pronunciation will be a little hard if you never learned Hindi. But after 2-3 times revision, you can easily remember it.

There are some rules & Facts on Hindi counting of numbers and these are explained in the FAQ Section Of The Page. Good Luck With your Hindi counting journey. 0 से 100 तक गिनती सीखें

Hindi Numbers

Hindi Number Counting From 1 to 10

Covers Numbers in Hindi counting 1 to 10 with words

zeroशून्यShunya० (0)
oneएकEk१ (1)
twoदोDo२ (2)
threeतीनTeen३ (3)
fourचारChar४ (4)
fiveपांचPanch५ (5)
sixछहCheh६ (6)
sevenसातSaat७ (7)
eightआठAath८ (8)
nineनौNao९ (9)
tenदसDas१० (10)

Hindi Number Counting From 11 to

Covers Numbers in Hindi counting 11 to 20 with words

elevenग्यारहGyaarah११ (11)
twelveबारहBaarah१२ (12)
thirteenतेरहTehrah१३ (13)
fourteenचौदहChaudah१४ (14)
fifteenपंद्रहPandrah१५ (15)
sixteenसोलहSaulah१६ (16)
seventeenसत्रहSatrah१७ (17)
eighteenअठारहAtharah१८ (18)
nineteenउन्नीसUnnis१९ (19)
twentyबीसBees२० (20)

Hindi Number Counting From 21 to 30

Covers Numbers in Hindi counting 21 to 30 with words

twenty oneइकीसIkis२१ (21)
twenty twoबाईसBais२२ (22)
twenty threeतेइसTeis२३ (23)
twenty fourचौबीसChaubis२४ (24)
twenty fiveपच्चीसPachis२५ (25)
twenty sixछब्बीसChabis२६ (26)
twenty sevenसताइसSatais२७ (27)
Twenty eightअट्ठाइसAthais२८ (28)
twenty nineउनतीसUnatis२९ (29)
thirtyतीसTis३० (30)

Hindi Number Counting From 31 to 40

Covers Numbers in Hindi counting 31 to 40 with words

thirty oneइकतीसIkatis३१ (31)
thirty twoबतीसBatis३२ (32)
thirty threeतैंतीसTentis३३ (33)
thirty fourचौंतीसChautis३४ (34)
thirty fiveपैंतीसPentis३५ (35)
thirty sixछतीसChatis३६ (36)
thirty sevenसैंतीसSetis३७ (37)
thirty eightअड़तीसAdhtis३८ (38)
thirty nineउनतालीसUntaalis३९ (39)
fortyचालीसChalis४० (40)

Hindi Number Counting From 41 to 50

Covers Numbers in Hindi counting 41 to 50 with words or counting in hindi numn=bers 41 to 50 with words

forty oneइकतालीसIktalis४१ (41)
forty twoबयालीसByalis४२ (42)
forty threeतैतालीसTetalis४३ (43)
forty fourचवालीसChavalis४४ (44)
forty fiveपैंतालीसPentalis४५ (45)
forty sixछयालिसChyalis४६ (46)
forty sevenसैंतालीसSetalis४७ (47)
forty eightअड़तालीसAdtalis४८ (48)
forty nineउनचासUnachas४९ (49)
fiftyपचासPachas५० (50)

Hindi Number Counting From 51 to 60

Covers Numbers in Hindi counting 51 to 60 with words

fifty oneइक्यावनIkyavan५१ (51)
fifty twoबावनBaavan५२ (52)
fifty threeतिरपनTirepan५३ (53)
fifty fourचौवनChauvan५४ (54)
fifty fiveपचपनPachpan५५ (55)
fifty sixछप्पनChappan५६ (56)
fifty sevenसतावनSatavan५७ (57)
fifty eightअठावनAthaavan५८ (58)
fifty nineउनसठUnsadh५९ (59)
sixtyसाठSaadh६० (60)

Hindi Number Counting From 61 to 70

Covers Numbers in Hindi counting 61 to 70 with words

sixty oneइकसठIksadh६१ (61)
sixty twoबासठBaasad६२ (62)
sixty threeतिरसठTirsadh६३ (63)
sixty fourचौंसठChausadh६४ (64)
sixty fiveपैंसठPensadh६५ (65)
sixty sixछियासठChiyasadh६६ (66)
sixty sevenसड़सठSadhsadh६७ (67)
sixty eightअड़सठAsdhsadh६८ (68)
sixty nineउनहतरUnahtar६९ (69)
seventyसत्तरSattar७० (70)

Hindi Number Counting From 71 to 80

Covers Numbers in Hindi or hindi numerals counting 71 to 80 with words

seventy oneइकहतरIkahtar७१ (71)
seventy twoबहतरBahatar७२ (72)
seventy threeतिहतरTihatar७३ (73)
seventy fourचौहतरChauhatar७४ (74)
seventy fiveपचहतरPachhatar७५ (75)
seventy sixछिहतरChiyahatar७६ (76)
seventy sevenसतहतरSatahatar७७ (77)
seventy eightअठहतरAdhahatar७८ (78)
seventy nineउन्नासीUnnasi७९ (79)
eightyअस्सीAssi८० (80)

Hindi Number Counting From 81 to 90

Covers Numbers in Hindi counting 81 to 90 with words

eighty oneइक्यासीIkyasi८१ (81)
eighty twoबयासीByaasi८२ (82)
eighty threeतिरासीTirasi८३ (83)
eighty fourचौरासीChaurasi८४ (84)
eighty fiveपचासीPachasi८५ (85)
eighty sixछियासीChiyaasi८६ (86)
eighty sevenसतासीSataasi८७ (87)
eighty eightअट्ठासीAthasi८८ (88)
eighty nineनवासीNauasi८९ (89)
ninetyनब्बेNabbe९० (90)

Hindi Number Counting From91 to 100

Covers Numbers in Hindi counting 91 to 100 with words

ninety oneइक्यानवेIkyaanave९१ (91)
ninety twoबानवेBaanave९२ (92)
ninety threeतिरानवेTiranave९३ (93)
ninety fourचौरानवेChauraanave९४ (94)
ninety fiveपचानवेPachaanave९५ (95)
ninety sixछियानवेChiyaanave९६ (96)
ninety sevenसतानवेSataanave९७ (97)
ninety eightअट्ठानवेAdhaanave९८ (98)
ninety nineनिन्यानवेNinyaanave९९ (99)
one hundredएक सौEk Sau१०० (100)
End Of numbers in hindi 1-100

Hindi Number Counting Of Higher Numbers (100-1000)

Covers Numbers in Hindi counting 100 to 1000 with words

Hundredएक सौEk Sau१00 (100)
Two Hundredदो सौDo Sau२00 (200)
Two Hundredतीन सौTeen Sau३00 (300)
Two Hundredचार सौChaar Sau४00 (400)
Two Hundredपाँच सौPanch Sau५00 (500)
Two Hundredछ: सौChhah Sau६00 (600)
Two Hundredसात सौSaat Sau७00 (700)
Two Hundredआठ सौAath Sau८00 (800)
Two Hundredनौ सौNau Sau९00 (90)
Two Hundredएक हज़ारIk Hazaar१००0 (1000)

Hindi Number Counting Of Higher Numbers >1000

One Thousandएक हज़ारIk Hazaar1000
Ten Thousandदस हज़ारDas Hazaar10000
Hundred Thousandएक लाखIk Lakh100,000
One Millionदस लाखDas Lakh1,000,000
Ten Millionएक करोड़Ik Carod10,000,000
Hundred Millionदस करोड़Das Carod100,000,000
One Billionएक अरबEk Arab1,000,000,000
Hundred Billionएक खरबEk Kharab100,000,000,000
Ten TrillionनीलSau Kharab10,000,000,000,000

In India, the Indian numbering system is used more often than not. This practice is seen nationwide. Even if you’re getting groceries or taking a rickshaw or bus, everyone in your native country still uses the native system. In addition, even the well-educated people use the native number system, making them more comfortable.

Knowing the basics like Hindi numbers 1 to 100 can help you bargain more successfully if you belong to the majority of the labor class who doesn’t understand English numbers. Using the local dialect rather than numbers will save you time and energy overall.

We promise that the remains will be a piece of cake for you if you know the numbers from 0-100 by heart. You won’t be surprised to see how easy the Hindi numbers 1 to 1000 are to be learned in the language.

Hindi Number Counting 1 to 100 Video

Quick Tips & Interesting Facts On Hindi Number System

  • Indian numerals are inspired by Indian-Arabic numerals and are written in the Devnagari cursory script.
  • Each number is spelled differently. The prefixes in every two-digit number name (from 11 to 20) are, however, inspired by the Hindi names of one-digit numbers (from 0 to 9).
  • The suffix used in Number 40 is चालीस(caaLiiS). Except for 49, every number name in the 40s line ends with the same suffix.
  • The number of the cardinals is mostly used to give a sequence direction, address or anything else to follow.
  • The cardinal name ends with various sounds, depending on the sex of the person or thing. Males’ words end with an aa sound and ii’s sound with females.
  • Hindi is an Indo-European language

FAQ On Hindi Number System

What are some Special Native Hindi Numbers Available?

There are some special native Hindi numbers such as Aadha (आधा) , Paav (पाव) , Paune (पौने), Sawa (सवा), Dedh (डेढ़), Dhai (ढाई), Sadhe (साढ़े)

What is Aadha (आधा) in Hindi Numbers?

Aadha (आधा) is nothing But 1/2 ( 50%) of Something. in English we call it as “Half”

What is Paav (पाव) in Hindi Numbers?

Paav (पाव) is 1/4 (0.25) or 25% of a number. In English Its called “quarter”.
Use Case1: I need a Quarter Of That Pizza.
Use Case2: पाव Kg प्याज दीजिये (paav kg pyaaj deejiye)

What is Paune (पौने) in Hindi Numbers?

Paune (पौने) is 1/4th less means (0.25) less in a Number or 15 minutes less in Time. In india its mostly used in Denoting Time.
For Time: Paune (पौने) 4 PM is 3:45 PM (15 Min. Less Than 4 PM)
For Number: Paune (पौने) 4 is 3.75. (0.25 less From 4)

What is Sawa (सवा) in Hindi Numbers?

Sawa (सवा) is 1/4th i.e. (0.25) more in a Number or 15 minutes incase of Time. it is also used mostly for telling time.
For Time: Sawa (सवा) 4 PM is 4:15 PM (15 Minute More Than 4 PM)
For Number: Sawa (सवा) 4 is 4.25. (0.25 More Than 4)

What is Dedh (डेढ़) in Hindi Numbers?

Dedh (डेढ़) is only used for denoting 1.5 Only. It is used for only the number 1. It is 0.5 more than 1 in Number or 30 Minute More than 10 clock in time. It can not be used with other number other than 1.
For Time: Dedh (डेढ़) is 1:30
For Number: Dedh (डेढ़) is 1.5

What is Dhai (ढाई) in Hindi Numbers?

Dedh (डेढ़) is o.5 More than 2 Incase of Number or 30 Minute more than 2 0’clock. It can not be used with other number than 2.
For Time: Dhai (ढाई) is 2:30
For Number: Dhai (ढाई) is 2.5

What is Sadhe (साढ़े) in Hindi Numbers?

Sadhe (साढ़े) is 0.5 More Than Any Number or More Than 30 Minute. It can not be used with All numbers or times. Sadhe (साढ़े) is used with a suffix unlike Dedh (डेढ़) & Dhai (ढाई) eg. Sadhe 6 or Sadhe 4
For Time: Sadhe (साढ़े) 3 is 3:30
For Number: Sadhe (साढ़े) 3 is 3.5

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