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Phuljhadiyon Lyrics in Hindi is sung by Shilpa Rao, composed by A.R. Rahman and the lyrics is written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. The music video is featured by Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi. The music video of the song “Phuljhadiyon” from the movie “Mimi” presented by Sony Music India.

Phuljhadiyon Lyrics Details:

Phuljhadiyon Lyrics
Song Title: Phuljhadiyon (फुलझड़ियों )
Movie: Mimi
Singer: Shilpa Rao
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Music: A.R. Rahman
Music Company: Sony Music India.
Released: 15 July 2021

Phuljhadiyon Lyrics In Hindi

अरी फुलझड़ियों
कसम से हुआ रे
हाल तेरा अटपटा

पल में शबनम जैसी
तू फूलों से टपक जाए रे
पल में चूइंगगम जैसे
मसूड़ों से चिपक जाए रे

अरी फुलझड़ियों
दिलो के दरवाजे
आश्ते से खटखटा

ताजुब का सामान है तू
हार्मोनल जवालामुखी तू
हर अदा तेरी बेतुकी
अरी फुलझड़ियों
यूँ जल बिन मछली
की तरह ना छटपटा

शेर बाजार की तरहा क्यूँ
पारा ये तेरा चढ़ता उतरता है
कभी तू इमली को तरसती है
तो कभी दिल मिर्ची पे मरता है

पारो है देवदास की तू
और कभी चंद्रमुखी तू
मुस्कुरा क्यूँ है दुखी

अरी फुलझड़ियों
कसम से हुआ रे
हाल तेरा अटपटा

Phuljhadiyon Lyrics In English

Arri Phuljhadiyon
Kasam Se Hua Re
Haal Tera Attpatta

Pal Mein Shabnam Jaisi
Tu Phoolon Se Tapak Jaaye Re
Pal Mein Chewing-Gum Jaise
Masudo Se Chipak Jaaye Re

Arri Phuljhadiyon
Dilo Ke Darwajje
Aashte Se Khatkhata

Taajub Ka Saamaan Hai Tu
Hormonal Jawalamukhi Tu
Har Ada Teri Betuki
Arri Phuljhadiyon
Yun Jal Bin Machhli
Ki Tarah Na Chhatpata

Share Bazar Ki Tarah Kyun
Para Yeh Tera Chadhta Utarta Hai
Kabhi Tu Imli Ko Tarasti Hai
Toh Kabhi Dil Mirch Pe Marta Hai

Paro Hai Devdas Ki Tu
Aur Kabhi Chandramukhi Tu
Muskura Kyun Hai Dukhi

Arre Phuljhadiyon
Kasam Se Hua Re
Haal Tera Attpatta.

Phuljhadiyon Lyrics Meaning in English

Hey, Sparkler! Hey, Sparkler!
You have been acting all weird.

Sometimes, you are like slippery dew drops on a flower.
Sometimes, you are like a gum that sticks to the gums.

Hey, Sparkler! Hey, Sparkler!
Don’t knock at the door of my heart so hard.

You are a mystery. Oh, Sparkler!
You are a hormonal mess. Oh, Sparkler!
Everything you do is so absurd.

Oh, Sparkler! Hey, Sparkler!
You look like a fish out of water.

Why is your temper as unpredictable as the share market?
Sometimes, you crave for a tamarind and sometimes, for chilies.

Sometimes, you’re like Devdas’ Paro. Oh, Sparkler!
And sometimes, like Chandramukhi! Oh, Sparkler!
Why so sad? Come on, give me a smile.

Hey, Sparkler! Hey, Sparkler!
You have been acting all weird.

Phuljhadiyon Lyrics Music Video

FAQ on Phuljhadiyon Lyrics

1. Who sung Phuljhadiyon song?

Phuljhadiyon song is sung by Shilpa Rao.

2. Who is the music composer of Phuljhadiyon song?

The music composer of Phuljhadiyon song is A.R. Rahman.

3. Who wrote the lyrics of Phuljhadiyon song?

The lyrics of Phuljhadiyon song is written by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

4. Which music company Phuljhadiyon song released?

Phuljhadiyon song is released under Sony Music India.

5. What movie Phuljhadiyon song is from?

Phuljhadiyon song is from the movie Mimi.

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