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Read Lawn Chair Lyrics in English. It is a latest song lyrics sung by Weezer. Lyrics of the song is written by Rivers Cuomo and music produced by Robopop. Premiered on “Weezer” youtube channel.

Lawn Chair Song Lyrics Details :

Song TitleLawn Chair
LyricsRivers Cuomo
Produced ByRobopop
Music LabelWeezer

Lawn Chair Lyrics in English

Cool, kicking back in your lawn chair
You summon gabriel and michael
Hey! Guys we should torture the humans
Yes why don’t we do it?
For our entertainment
‘Cause heaven is so dull
Too many grapes
Too many harps
Too many smiles
Not enough weeping
They’ll suffer so that
We can feel emotional release

Well i’m gonna stand up
And call you out
You’re a punk-a**, oh!My god
There is no doubt
Unsatisfied with rain
You made tears
And threw out your baby
Expecting we’d praise ye
And worship your name in a song

Now she’s choking back the tears
(Pleasе tell us why?)
Now she’s gasping for her brеath
(Please tell us why?)
‘Cause she didn’t ever hurt no one

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Faq on Weezer Lawn Chair Lyrics

Who is the singer of Lawn Chair song?

Weezer is the singer of Lawn Chair song.

Who is the lyrics writer of Lawn Chair song?

Rivers Cuomo is the lyrics writer of Lawn Chair song.

Who is the music producer of Lawn Chair song?

Robopop is the music producer of Lawn Chair song.

Lawn Chair Weezer Lyrics


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