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Ka hmangaih che Lyrics in Mizo By Daduhi. Released on Jul 1, 2021 by Lalrindiki Khiangte (Daduhi) Official YouTube Channel.

Song Information
Song Name: Ka hmangaih che
Singer: Lalrindiki Khiangte (Daduhi)
Release Date: Jul 1, 2021

Ka hmangaih che Lyrics in Mizo by Lalrindiki Khiangte (Daduhi)

Engtin ngai ve ang che maw?
Hlan che ila hmangaih biahthu;
Min dem lawng che aw lungrun
Ka hmangaih che

Thinlai ruk ah,
Engdang ka dawn ngailo;
Nang chauh ka vei,
Ka vei thin che.

I hmangaih anka nem lo chu,
Lung tiawi tu an awm silo;
Min zawtla ka suih lungrun,
Ka hmangaih che.

Ariang hi min nghilh lo la
Suihlung len perhkhuang rimawiin
Duhaisam zai aw mawi nen
Ka nghilh lawng che.

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